About APFP


APFP-Shield-nwThe Association of Public Finance Professionals of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (“APFP” and “APFP-DMV”) was the organic outgrowth of numerous informal gatherings of public finance professionals and local issuers coordinated by regional professionals in the Greater Washington, DC Area. In 2014 we formalized this ad‐hoc group of organizers to include Craig Robinson (the originator), Darrin Glymph, Jonathan Kirn, Pam Holton, Peter Cunningham and Anton Voinov with input from other public finance professionals. In the Spring of 2014 this group hosted an after work gathering with 54 attendees including municipal issuers, financial advisors, investment advisors, investment bankers, bond underwriters, disclosure counsel and trustee / paying agent representatives – the beginning of the APFP Social Events.


Our goal is to create a forum for governmental issuers and related professionals in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area to meet, exchange ideas, discuss those issues that we have in common, and to socialize. We will have a number of exciting events throughout the year which will include social hours, special guest speaker presentations, and panel discussions about current topics in the public finance industry. Specifically, APFP-DMV plans to take advantage of our location and proximity to the industry regulators and host regulatory update presentations.

“APFP performs an important function in the field of public finance, and it is an honor to help lead such an esteemed group of professionals in that endeavor.”
Craig Robinson

Founder and Former President, APFP of DC, MD & VA

Our Mission

APFP, a District of Columbia 501(c)(6) not‐for‐profit corporation, aims to encourage fellowship among public finance professionals, and to promote standards of high professional integrity in the public finance industry. APFP hosts networking events and educational discussions that feature prominent public sector and public finance industry leaders. Through its activities, the APFP provides a platform for public finance industry participants to meet, share ideas and learn industry trends in a congenial setting.